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Making Memories

We tend to forget things over time, wars and struggles included. We’re so caught up in our everyday lives that events of the past no longer orbit our mind. But then, there are memories which we can never relegate to the oblivion, no matter what… Read More

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Everyday…Well almost

The pleasant rays of the morning sun hit his face, diffusing through the thin window curtains. That dream of his drifting away while his brain grappling to hold onto it, another new day he mumbled in daze.

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People are AWESOME !

Do yourselves a favour and search for “People are Awesome” on Youtube, gopro videos like the one below or tons of others, forget this post. Now tell me you were in awe and that you were inspired to try out something new, yeah? But here’s… Read More

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Missing the point

“You should pursue Medical, it suits your behavior, and moreover no one in our family is a Doctor yet “, I recall my Dad saying. Fast forward to the present, I’m a techie caged to his laptop seven hours a day, and then some more for… Read More