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The yearning for sadness

Why is it that some of us search for reasons to be sad? Is it not lifes goal to be happy? Let me make it clear that being unhappy is not getting you anywhere. The general human tendency is to have fun and avoid pain and misery. But life is cruel and being happy all the time is just a facade masking private despair, put up for the society. The human mind works in mysterious ways and some pursue pleasure through pain.

No matter how many happy songs with or without meaningful lyrics people enjoy, a soulful song always piques their interest. The main reason we need more soulful songs is because it opens us up to pain when we don’t want to feel it. It’s better to feel pain than nothing at all. When you suppress your emotions, it does not really end up making things better. Its presence taints everything we do until we’re forced to sit with our feelings and channel them healthily. So many people in the world just stuff everything down until they come across something soulful, and they’re reawakened to know that they don’t have to be okay all the time. Campaigns featuring a sad themes moves you, the stories of struggle brings tears. We are just humans.

We are all broken hearts traveling through fabric of time. Let the light in, breathe again, and be someone’s sunshine. You are not alone.

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