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Annapurna base camp – Part III

I had completely forgotten about this article. A hurried writeup this, will improvise later
Do check out Mt.Annapurna in monotone

Day 6 : June 4th : Bamboo —> Dovan —> Deurali —> Machapuchare Base camp
I woke up to a chilly morning but heck, the others had their blankets on and were sound asleep. Nevertheless, a couple of hours later we were off headed towards Annapurna base camp. We had a Chinese group who trailed us along the way. The views just kept getting better as we headed towards Deurali. The way after Deurali is peppered with majestic views of water gushing in from 2-3 sides and flowing with a roaring sound. The surreal view was further enhanced due to fog.

ABC1With clouds covering everything in view, we managed to reach Machapuchare base camp and decided to halt for the day as we had lots of time on our itinerary but nothing much to do. The Chinese group marched on though. I had some brilliantly prepared Potato soap which eased up my hunger real good.


A few milky way photo op trials did happen, but the biting cold made it impossible to stay outside the room.

Day 7 : June 5th : Machapuchare base camp —> Annapurna base camp
Few hours in after enjoying the brilliant sunrise and morning weather, he headed towards our destination, Annapurna base camp. The view is simply spectacular, and it constantly reminded me of LOTR. I only wish I get to visit more such places devoid of commercialization in the future.

ABCWe managed to reach the camp in two hours time inspite of stopping pretty much everywhere just to soak in the view. After freshening up at one of the tea houses, I made my way atop a little mountain closeby and boy, what a place to introspect your life. I probably spent around 2 hours up there and then joined the others who had gone exploring on their own. I promised myself to do it again someday, SOMEDAY…

Day 8 : June 6th : Annapurna base camp —> Machapuchare Base camp —> Deurali —> Dovan —> Bamboo —> Sinuwa —> Chhommrong
We woke up early to see the sky and were in for a treat, and the cold never bothered us. We stayed up all night till sunrise and after spending some quality time, it was time to say goodbye. I had this feeling you get when you have something which you love and you realise that you’ll have to let it go.

ABC4Our initial plan was to reach Sinuwa which in itself was a stretch but decided on stopping at Chommrong. I’ve never trekked this hard my entire life and I ended up bruising my leg midway. The way back to Chommrong was through a series of steps and boy was I exhausted. We stopped at “Chhomorong cottage (Sugar mama)” which cost us 100 bucks per night. Free shower was included.

ABC (2)We indulged in food as if we had never eaten in days. And Wi-Fi meant connection back to our pathetic lives. We met a German guy here, Jens, who was in the hotel business in England for 10 years. He quit his job, and was intent on travelling Asia for a year before returning to Germany. This guy had brilliant insight on politics, food and what not, just made me feel more pathetic about myself. Wish I get the courage to do something similar in the future.

Day 9 : June 7th : Chhommrong —> Jhinu Danda —> Ghandruk
Time to leave the comforts behind and carry on with the trek, not before we had some brilliant chocolate cake and tea. We headed towards Jhinu but the downhill steps were busting my legs. I wanted to forgo the hot shower and hence, we decided split up and meet at Ghandruk.

ABC3After a taxing and unforgiving climb up to Ghandruk which lasted 3 hours, with rains to make things worse, we managed to reach Ghandruk. This is a beautiful little village which had all the amenities due to its proximity to civilization. We booked a room at “Hotel mountain view”. Small friendly places closeby serving Hot noodle soup, and plethora of brilliant views rounded up my day.

Day 10 : June 8th : Ghandruk —> Kimchi —> Nayapul —> Pokhara
After exploring Ghandruk, we realised that there wasn’t much to see except the Monastery and layered structure of the village along the slope. We headed towards Kimchi which was an easy half an hour trek. We caught a bus to Pokhara from here, a deviation from our initial plan. As we headed down in the bread loaf shaped bus, I was reminded why I prefer being bitten by the travel bug over and over again. I will make it a point to come here again someday with no strings attached and spend some quality time, especially in Chhomorrong…with a special someone maybe…





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