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Why Annapurna base camp?

WARNING: This article is just a personal note to self to recall what made me trek Annapurna base camp. It has no information whatsoever on anything and is boring. Please spare yourself the pain of reading this, unless you want to 😛

A few trips you take to escape the mundane things you do on a daily basis changes the way you look at things. It was early March and my plans of going to Ladakh on my motorcycle was facing too much heat. Having heard horror stories of transporting motorcycles on Indian railways, I was a bit apprehensive, especially a fully faired bike like mine. Riding from Bangalore-Delhi and back, a trip of 4500 odd kms in addition to the Leh route from Delhi meant extra expense on bike service and fuel. Due to constraints galore, I decided to do it in the coming years and trek somewhere up north instead and it so happened that a few friends were heading to Annapurna circuit trek and I joined without a seconds hesitation. Within 2hrs of hearing about it, I had booked my tickets and had my shopping list ready and got my vacation leave approved from office. Was I excited? Hell yeah

We were five of us and had decided to do the trek without the help of a guide or a porter, it was to be a budget trip afterall. In due time, one of them dropped out since he had a few courses to take care of since he had got an admit in one of the premier management institutes in the country. The rest of us trodded along and our plan of Annapurna circuit trek turned into Annapurna base camp trek due to shortage of days.  A lesson learnt, “PLAN BEFORE BOOKING TICKETS” . Our research began just two weeks before the trip and we were all set a week prior.  Shopping-check, packing-check umm, nothing else. I even had a pdf file made containing all the necessary information which you can access HERE. Days passed fast and on the morning of 30th May 2014, we set off from Bangalore embarking on my most expectant trip till date. Brace yourself, more updates coming.


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