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A tryst with the mountains

First off, a BIGG yay, I recently finished trekking Annapurna base camp and it was hands down the best trip of my life, period. I’ve managed to strike out many things off my bucket list and that gives me joy to no end. My first trip abroad, first stamp on the passport, first trek to the Himalayas, witnessed the milky way with my own eyes and experiencing total solitude on my birthday, far away from all the noise and commotion of life.


“Travel makes you feel humble”, I remember reading this somewhere, but have never experienced it, until now. Meeting people from different countries and from different walks of life, and them facing the same dilemmas made me realise we aren’t that different after all. Beneath the surface, there is more to people than you will ever know. How strange it is that we have technology to keep us connected and entertained yet most of them reachout to nature to introspect life, says a lot actually. The majesticity of nature makes you feel minuscule in comparison.


Anyway, just a philosophical headsup to my upcoming posts this one. I have an exhaustive travelogue to update, and I will, in due time, with lots of pictures and information. This personal blog will just get more dearer to me 🙂


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