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Aamchi Mumbai


Alas Alas(not that anyone cares), realized that a travelogue about my first solo trip is missing here. With experiences galore, let me try to keep it short.

“It was mid-June the previous year,
caught a flight, reached in hours mere.
With the city asleep and cab fare so dear,
Google maps is here, have no fear.”

Oookay, let me just write. So I walked 10kms at midnight till I reached the hotel I had booked for the night. It was that time of the year when the temperatures soared and it being humid meant constant sweating even at night. With just under 2hrs of sleep I set out early morning to have a glimpse of a few locations before it got blisteringly hot.


My aging DSLR made for good company and walking around the metropolis offered me a passage to solitude and contemplation. For a city that never sleeps, the roads were quite deserted even at 8
in the morning and I wondered just why.

Mumbai 2

I had decided to spend as less as possible and the whole day was spent exploring southern Mumbai on foot and it was totally worth it. It’s the small stuff that makes Mumbai what it is, the street food, the people, the locales, the beaches. The city gripped me enough to make my personal work a miniscule insignificant part of the trip.

Mumbai 3

From sleeping at the airport, roaming the streets of Mumbai at midnight, spending time with local fishermen, walking everywhere instead of using public transport, tasting the best of street food, those three days were an experience in itself. I was a hippie at heart to the truest extent.

Mumbai 1

I’ll make time and go there again, lots more to explore, and hey, I never got a chance to experience the local trains for gods sake.

P.S : Here is my first ever attempt at video making and this was a year back



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