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When the mountains call – Fingers crossed


“Who hasn’t broken their new year resolution?” I thought to myself. If not everything, I wanted two things to happen this year, one was the ride to Ladakh and the other was getting the first stamp on my passport. And the Ladakh plan was starting to fall apart already, budget issues, motorcycle transport concerns and what not, and I had to cede. The search for more feasible options has  led to me to the Annapurna Trek, considered one of the best treks in the world. Though the route to be taken hasn’t been finalized yet, the tickets to Kathmandu and back have been booked. And THAT is striking two things from my list. One, travel to the Himalayas, and the second, getting that first stamp on my passport.

Of even more importance to me is the fact that I’ll be spending my Birthday at a place I’ve dreamt of. This might turn out to be my best birthday ever and the onus is on me to better it in the coming years. That twice failed plan of traversing the mountain passes of Ladakh on my motorcycle, yeah, THAT might finally be able to dethrone this trip from its perch, if and when it happens, fingers crossed.

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