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Everyday…Well almost


The pleasant rays of the morning sun hit his face, diffusing through the thin window curtains. That dream of his drifting away while his brain grappling to hold onto it, another new day he mumbled in daze.
Another day full of expectations, excitement and things to look forward to, another day to change the world. He managed to find his cellphone under the pillow and with half eyes open, checked his messages. He could only register the names in his head but ah those friends of his, he felt loved. He yearned for a cup of coffee and he thought to himself that a beautiful day like this ought be savored. With this, his thought process shutdown and his brain tried crawling back into that dreamland of his.

A dozen minutes later

With the sun up the horizon a bit more now, the curtains could wrestle no further, and the light was harsh enough to wake him up. He checked his phone again only to notice a list of meetings, bills to be paid and endless other reminders. He had things to deal with, materialistic things which he couldn’t escape.  The illusion of the virtual world could not fill his empty void and deep down he felt just lonely and trapped. It was still a beautiful day alright, but the comfort of security had chained him tight. While his world changing thoughts drowned in the sounds of mediocrity, another mundane day welcomed him with open arms and he was getting late, he HAD to go.

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An obsessive wanderlust walking the tight rope, an avid photo enthusiast, and a mediocre blogger. Trying to be myself by taking it one day at a time. Feel free to reach out.

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