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The Nizam city – Hyderabad


“Arey, what’s there in Hyderabad? You just keep wasting money on trips like these”, grumbled my Dad. I wasn’t too ecstatic either but I had given word to my friend that I’d join. Truth be told, I don’t think anyone might even consider this as a holiday destination. An uneventful 14 hr train ride which would have been a 8 hr roadtrip was enough to tire me out even before we reached Hyderabad. It also made me realize that I don’t necessarily enjoy train rides. Now Hyderabad is quite literally a scam city. None, I mean NONE of the auto rickshaws run by meter and we ended up spending 150 bucks for a 3 km ride and to top it off, we had no idea that we had booked the worst of hotels. Lesson learnt, don’t always trust good online reviews on cheap hotels.

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We had a tour bus to catch so we just freshened up and left our luggage at the hotel vowing to shift once we returned. Now I’m not a big fan of these tour buses due to reasons explained in the previous post, but I had to cede. Sadly the main attraction of Hyderabad was to be seen through the bus window, but rest of the notable places like Salar Jung Museum, Golconda fort, Birla Mandir and Chowmahalla Palace were covered and considering we paid just 200 bucks, it certainly felt better than the morning rickshaw ride we had.

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The experience was zilch though, the only solace being that we shifted to another hotel once we returned. The night made up for the very average day, thanks to a friend residing in Hyderabad, who decided to give a free ride around the city.

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Second day was reserved for shopping by the girls and we guys explored a couple of places which we had not seen to our hearts content the previous day. A walk down the Charminar road and you get why they call it an old city. Those shops, them pearls which come in pretty cheap, Mecca masjid, Chowmahalla palace and of course Charminar.

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Your trip to Hyderbad is not complete without having the famous Hyderabadi Biryani and we had ours at Shah Ghouse Biryani place, which was recommended by the local folk. Not the most delicious but certainly one the best Biryanis I’ve had, and it was certainly better than the overpriced Biryani we had at Paradise the previous day. We packed in a whole lot of snacks from the famous Karachi Bakery and caught a train back to Bangalore at night. It was so damn slow that I almost missed office the next day.

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Summing up, plus points were the places, worth taking some time out and exploring, the food and budget shopping. No matter which place I go to, I hate auto rickshaws and it was no different here. And being the capital of Andhra, I was surprised to see no Telugu speaking folk. Conversations remained confined to Hindi even though I knew the local language. Strictly a one time visit city for me, two days is all you need. And my dad was right,
I felt like I wasted my money, and I squarely blame the rickshaws and the Biryani, buurp 😐


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