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Before you proceed reading further, visit here to know more about this project.

Social media is abuzz with this new hashtag. You have people posting hilarious selfies, friends, food etc etc. Let me shamelessly admit that even I’m a  participant and have run out of ideas already, and I’ve completed just 1/10th of it. Make no mistake, I appreciate the idea behind the project. It’s simple, post a picture of whatever made you happy each day for a 100 days and in return you get a small notebook filled with all the 100 pictures reminding you what daily activities makes you tick.

So here’s my problem, I work for 5 days a week. I reach home late, wake up sort of late, get about 3-4 hours a day where I’m active. So workday fun is practically zero, a big ZERO. Those small breaks I take are the  happiest moments and I do the smallest of things. Catching up on my favorite shows, rendezvous with my camera, doing chores, things which you can capture and upload once, maybe twice but for close to 86 days, that is stretching it a little too much. Weekends are my only solace where I try to do something which makes me happy, so it’s a bit challenging keeping up with it.  Have to give it to this project, it rekindled my interest in photography. So I’ve taken this as a 100 day photo challenge instead, not necessarily producing amazing pictures everyday but to produce something worth remembering. I don’t want that book we get in the end to be filled with selfies and personal pictures, they can happen again, be created again. But the little things which make us happy are easily forgotten. If time were a package, good things come in small packages.

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