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Wishful thinking

I hope to reincarnate as a diary, make it an annual affair, be a scribblepad to someone who fills me up with every inch of their new experiences, places they’ve been to, people they’ve met, books they’ve read, confessions, music, and what not. Yes I’m selfish.

Post ItThe previous year for me has been a year of self-discovery, not that I know where my life is headed, but I’m getting there at my own pace. I’ve come closer to doing the things I’ve always dreamt of, tight-rope walked work-life and made some fantastic friends along the way. It has been a year of action, initiation and long-term planning. It hasn’t been the greatest, but it has been good. Now with 2014 here, I hope it snowballs into something greater.

Okay, now I do get swayed easily and being confined to the cradle of my comfort zone and enduring the endless routine takes its toll. Let me confess, I’m miserable when it comes to resolutions and can’t go on lying to myself about making lifestyle changes, I’m sure lot of them can relate to this. Instead, with a slew of to-dos lined up, resources allocated and the rest planned out, I wish to be my own diary this year and fill up those blank pages of tomorrow. I want to go through it someday and chuckle like an idiot. 

P.S: Wishing everyone an eventful new year, let it embrace you with all its heart. 

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An obsessive wanderlust walking the tight rope, an avid photo enthusiast, and a mediocre blogger. Trying to be myself by taking it one day at a time. Feel free to reach out.

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