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One year after Nirbhaya…

An realistic take on what’s happening in India, shameful indeed.

I Am Clueless

So what has changed? Men continue to treat women like sex objects, trying all sorts of things to get laid somewhere or the other. Indian men are so desperate kya? They don’t spare animals also these days. From the local chaiwallah to the biggest business tycoon, everyone just wants to get laid – even if it is not working. Ayyo, where to begin? How to say? It’s not like we have something very big to be proud of also. Yet, we don’t mind showing off that mine is bigger than yours.
Then where and how to begin? 24,923. That’s the magic number of 2012, up from 24,206. This can be a good starting point.
“Women are more aware now,” you will say. “There are not scared to come out and complain any more.” Eyy yennada raskala, protect them means you thought we are talking about condoms? Dei.

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