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Numero Uno

A little bit of introduction and the about me section has the rest. I used to be an avid blogger a few years back, but all of that waned as I got caught up with things and I could no longer be a part of the blog. Though I can’t exactly say I missed writing, I did feel the constant urge to write about stuff, places I have traveled and what not. My personal diary has seen a lot of scribbling nibs, and my photos and videos are stored away in a hard-drive for my viewing pleasure only. So I thought, why not get blogging again? I will be updating nothing more than my travelogues, musings, technology, most of which are my personal take on the subject/place. So, here’s to blogging again, let me see if I keep this up. Need to sort out this blog first *sighs

My second post once all the changes take effect and the blog layout is upto my liking. Cheers

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An obsessive wanderlust walking the tight rope, an avid photo enthusiast, and a mediocre blogger. Trying to be myself by taking it one day at a time. Feel free to reach out.

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